Nov. 30-Dec. 4, 2020

Hello Dancers! I hope you had a wonderful break! We have three weeks left before our next break so let’s give it all that we have.

EOC testing begins on Tuesday through the following Friday, Dec. 11. The classes meet at different times and the sequence of classes has been modified. Beginning Tuesday, 4th period will meet during the second period time slot and second period will meet during the fourth period time slot. This goes through the rest of this week. Next week on Tuesday, first and fourth periods will switch when they meet; 4th period will be during the first period block and 1st period will meet at the end of the day . Take a look at the information below. (Posted on the blog and on the studio wall. )

12/1 12/3 12/4 12/7 12/8 12/10 12/11

1st Block8:20 – 10:158:20 – 10:058:20 – 10:058:20 – 10:108:20 – 10:108:20 – 9:558:20 – 9:55
2nd Block10:22 – 12:1710:12 – 11:5710:12 – 11:5710:17 – 12:0710:17 – 12:0710:02 – 11:3710:02 – 11:37
3rd Block12:24 – 2:4512:04 – 2:3712:04 – 2:3712:14 – 2:3512:14 – 2:3511:41 – 2:0211:41 – 2:02
1st Lunch12:24 – 12:4912:04 – 12:2912:04 – 12:2912:14 – 12:3912:14 – 12:3911:41 – 12:0611:41 – 12:06
2nd Lunch12:53 – 1:1812:36 – 1:0112:36 – 1:0112:43 – 1:0812:43 – 1:0812:10 – 12:3512:10 – 12:35
3rd Lunch1:22 – 1:471:08 – 1:331:08 – 1:331:12 – 1:371:12 – 1:3712:39 – 1:0412:39 – 1:04
4th Lunch1:51 – 2:161:40 – 2:051:40 – 2:051:41 – 2:061:41 – 2:061:08 – 1:331:08 – 1:33
5th Lunch2:20 – 2:452:12 – 2:372:12 – 2:372:10 – 2:352:10 – 2:351:37 – 2:021:37 – 2:02
4th Block2:52 – 3:312:44 – 3:312:44 – 3:312:42 – 3:312:42 – 3:312:09 – 3:312:09 – 3:31



Dec. 1Dec 3Dec. 4Dec. 7Dec. 8Dec. 10Dec. 11
1st Block1st Block1st Block1st Block4th Block1st Block1st Block
4th Block4th Block4th Block2nd Block2nd Block2nd Block2nd Block
3rd Block3rd Block3rd Block3rd Block3rd Block3rd Block3rd Block
2nd Block2nd Block2nd Block4th Block1st Block4th Block4th Block

November 16-20, 2020

Unit 3 begins this week! This is our last unit for the semester! All the Lesson Resources are posted .

Make up and retesting for the Unit 2 test will be Wednesday. We will let you know soon when the test will be.

Have a great Thanksgiving Break next week!

November 9-13, 2020

This is the last week of the Second Six Weeks! This means that we only have one more unit of anatomy and one more six weeks before Christmas Break! But, before we think about that, next week, we will start our last unit, unit 3 and then we have Thanksgiving Break!

The end of Unit 2 test is this Thursday! Be prepared with multiple choice questions from Ballet and Jazz, same format as the Unit 1 test.

Have a great week!

November 2-6, 2020

November! I hope you all are enjoying your extra hour of sleep due to the time change and I especially hope that you are all safe with power and internet both back on. It was a crazy few days! This is a reminder that you really need to be on the Dance Remind. You never know when you are going to need it!

NO SCHOOL on Tuesday as it is Election Day!

Unit 2 Test will be next Week, either Nov. 10, Tuesday, or 12 Thursday. we will let you know. This is the test that combines both the jazz and ballet questions. Ballet Lessons 6-11 will be tested.

For those students that are returning to dance on Thursday, here are a few reminders.

  1. Masks are required
  2. You will not be dancing
  3. Desks will be provided for you and you will be cleaning your own desk.
  4. When testing will be taking place, you will need to bring your electronic device so that you can test. (Next week will be a Unit test)
  5. Bring your own writing pens, pencils, journals. You will be taking lots of notes.

October 26-30, 2020

Happy last week of October!

Gold has their quiz on Monday. Study lessons 6-10 for your 10 multiple choice questions at the beginning of class.

Dance Majors have a Shenandoah University presentation on Thursday during 5th period. Remember that attendance will be taken, arrive quickly to class, camera on, ask questions and stay alert. You did very well with the University of Oklahoma. Keep your options open and make those connections. Everything that you do makes an impression. What kind of impression do you want to make? You will receive a Remind about the Zoom code before Thursday.

Quiz Retake/Makeups are scheduled for Wed. at 10:00. Remember to log into the Reeves’ Supplemental Dance Class

World Ballet Day IS happening this year!!! Oct. 29, Thursday, for 24 hours, companies will be streaming live from all over the world. It will be interesting to see what they will be doing this year. For more information:

OCt.ber 19-23, 2020


This week we will explore Lesson 10, located in your Lesson Resources and the Silver classes will have their mid unit Quiz on Friday. We will continue to explore your dancing skills by continuing to add additional steps in your combinations and combining your knowledge of anatomy while dancing.

Dance Majors: Thank you for behaving professionally on Friday by having your cameras on, arriving quickly to 5th period, and asking great questions during the University of Oklahoma’s presentation. You can always learn something new about what type of future you want by exploring all options.

Be on the lookout for a remind from Mr. Timmerman about a 5th period presentation about musical theatre from Florida State University. This will occur on Tuesday, Oct. 20.

October 12-16, 2020

Hello Dancers!

I hope you had a great weekend. No big announcements this week. We will be focusing on Lesson 8-Turn Out and Turn In and Lesson 9-Flexion and Extension in the Anatomy portion of class while continuing to apply this information to our dance training.

Dance Majors will have a Presentation and Discussion from the University of Oklahoma during 5th period on Friday. Have intelligent questions ready to ask, if there is time. Even if you are not interested in this University, your questions will help you figure out what is available and what you eventually want for your future. Attendance will be taken and is required. Zoom information will be sent out prior to Friday.

October 5-9, 2020

Hello Dancers! I hope you have had a wonderful fall break and are ready to learn more about dance and anatomy.

Look for links from Mr. Timmerman about two optional, 5th period college presentations this week. Tuesday, Oct. 6, there will be a presentation from Boston Conservatory and Thursday, Oct. 8, there will be a presentation from Berklee College of Music.

This Friday, Oct. 9 at 7:00, we are having a Virtual Open House for any students that are interested in attending CCCEPA. If you know of any friends or students that are interested, please pass along the information. The information is listed on the website. More information will be sent once the link is clicked on the website.

Gold Classes, Monday and Tuesday: Check your announcements and then the Agenda Board before entering the live class. Always bring your question(s) of the day that are under, “What will I learn to today?”

Silver Classes, Thursday and Friday: Check your announcements and then the Agenda Board before entering the live class. Always bring your question(s) of the day that are under, “What will I learn to today?”

September 21-25, 2020

Hello dancers!

I hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed the cooler weather! It is definitely beginning to feel like the fall!


Tuesday, September 22 is the Unit 1 Test, including 20 multiple choice questions with 10 jazz and 10 ballet

Look out for information for anyone that wants to attend a meeting with CCM and University of Michigan this week during 5th periods. You will have to sign up ahead of time. Look for a Remind from Mr. Timmerman this week.

Skills Grades will be in full force when we return from fall break next week! You may need to revisit the categories on the blog. Points will be deducted for not being dressed out properly, attendance, etc.

Monday: Gold: Bring any questions that you need clarification on in review for the test on Tuesday. We will dance after we complete our review.

Tuesday: Gold: Unit 1 test followed by dance class.

Thursday: Silver: Grab your question and enter the live class.

Friday: Silver: Grab your question and enter the live class.

September 14-18, 2020

Hello Dancers!

I hope you had a great weekend. Please take a look below at the upcoming weekly schedule.

***For anyone that wants to retake the Ballet Quiz and made a 69 or below, as stated in the syllabus, you have one week to reschedule the taking of the test. Because it is the first graded test this year, I am setting up the time for this Wed. at 2:00. Normally, you would contact your teacher and make arrangements but I will be there at 2:00 if you want to retest. This highest grade you can make is a 70 which would equal a 100 on a regular test. To retake the test, go to CTLS and click, “Reeves’ Supplemental Dance Class***

Monday, Sept. 14: Gold Classes, grab your one question under “what will I learn today” and enter the Go Live class. As I take attendance, I would advise reviewing your notes from Lessons 1-5 for the 10 question multiple choice quiz that will take place in this class. Once the test is complete, we will be dancing.

Tuesday, Sept. 15: Gold Classes, grab your one question for the day and enter class. Once we discuss the question and review any other questions in preparation for the Unit 1 test next week which is scheduled for Tuesday, we will jump (“saute”) into class. The test day could change!

Thursday, Sept. 17: Silver Classes: grab your one question for the day and enter class. Once we discuss the question and review any other questions in preparation for the Unit 1 test next week, we will jump (“saute”) into class.

Friday, Sept. 18: Silver Classes: bring one question into class as this is our last review before the Unit Test next week which is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday at this time. This could change!

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