January 14-18, 2019

January 14-18, 2019

Happy Sunday. I hope you are having a great day. Moving into our second school week of 2019, we will continue our knowledge of the ballet: “Sleeping Beauty”, and returning to our technique before the winter break.

SENIORS: If you are interested in choreographing for the Senior Dance Showcase on March 26, there is a required meeting on Friday morning at 7:45. All information will be distributed and discussed in detail at this time.

There will be a mid-unit quiz the week of January 28 and a cumulative unit test the week of February 11.

Double check your attire, deductions began last week. Don’t forget that no jewelry including watches are allowed in class. Long finger nails are also dangerous. We have already had a couple people cut. The dance studio should be a safe place to dance and explore movement!

Gold has a guest teacher on Friday.

NO SCHOOL, next Monday!

Ms. D




Week of Dec. 17-21, 2018

Week of Dec. 17-21, 2018

Here we go…..last week before break!

Gold Monday: remember that you will be dressing out for a ballet class.

Gold Tuesday: First and second periods, dressing out for combos.

                           Third period and fourth periods: Dress in something comfortable that you can move in for a couple combos and then into the games. Make sure you have your 10 questions! Fifth period: continuing with the games. Make sure you have something you can move it. Sorry Isaiah, you will NOT need dance clothes on Tuesday. This is a correction.

Silver Wednesday: First and third periods: I have your questions, be ready with your review game with your partner.

Second period: We have a couple more combos but after that into the review games. Don’t forget to bring your 10 questions.

Fifth period: Make sure you can move in whatever you have for review games.

FINALS are on Thursday and Friday. First and Second periods are on Thursday and Third and Fourth are on Friday. Both days are early release. 50 questions with 2 points per questions on a scantron will be the dance final.

Ms. D







Week of December10-14, 2018

Week of December 10-14, 2018

Happy Sunday!

For this final week before finals next week, we will continue to review by taking class with the combinations that you create and teach to your class. Remember to state the meaning of the word, and why it is important in dance or what it is used for later in dance. What does the movement build into later in class or in your training?

Also, bring your written work that you have been provided since the beginning of the school year,  as we will start reviewing the academic portion of class. Next Tuesday and Wednesday will be used as review games for the finals.  You know that this means review questions that you create. The more we accomplish in class, the less outside of school time you will need to study or write the questions.

Friday, gold has the guest teacher.

Have a good evening!

Ms. D

Week of December 3-7, 2018

Week of December 3-7, 2018

Again, I would like to congratulate you on a beautiful concert. Each of you “stepped” it up and challenged yourself to do better and the results were better than you could have imagined.

This week will be about finishing up the concert details and moving on into regular class with more information to learn before the final. Technically, there are two weeks before finals with the three days before finals used mostly for reviewing. Finals are on Dec. 20 and 21 with first and second periods on the 20 and third and fourth periods on the 21. Both days are half days.

You will not be dancing on Monday as we have our guest dance nutritionist, Emily Harrison. She was a professional dancer before intensive study in nutrition. I originally knew her when she was a dancer at Atlanta Ballet and I was teaching there. She works with dancers all over the world and was recently used as a resource with information for BDC, Broadway Dance Center, in NYC. She understands dancers and will be able to provide you with a great deal of important information. Make sure you bring your important questions.

Tuesday and Wednesday, we will watch and write about the dance concert. I will have Gold on Tuesday and Silver on Wed. Our normal schedule with switching gold and silver will begin on Tuesday. The school schedule will continue to be 1, 4, 3, and 2 period last through Thursday. Thursday, we begin to dance again in ballet. Don’t forget about your ballet clothes.

Happy December!

Ms. D

Week of Nov. 26-30, 2018

Week of Nov. 26-30, 2018

SHOW WEEK! I hope you had a very restful and enjoyable vacation and were thankful for all that you have.

Yes, this week is your week! Remember that rehearsal is every day until 7:30. If we find out that we can let you out earlier than 7:30, we will let you in advance so that you can tell your rides to arrive earlier. Make sure that your rides know that you will be ready to leave at 7:30 unless you talk to them.

A few Reminders:

Rehearsals and concert are required. (You signed a contract in August.)

No eating in the theatre.

No nail polish.

Have both your jazz and ballet clothes at all times.

No jewelry, including watches.

No phones backstage!

No talking backstage.

Tell your friends and family that NO photos or videos are allowed during the performance, during rehearsals, or while in the theatre! (Check the CCCEPA.com website for photos.)

…….now, the good stuff!….

Work hard this week so you can enjoy your stage time!

Do stay positive, help each other, bring extra patience…this show involves all of you!

Sell tickets so you will be happy that you know someone in the audience supporting you!

Get as much sleep as possible.

Drink as much water as you can.

……..this could be the best dance concert that has ever occurred on the Pebblebrook stage.

Ms. D





Week of November 12-16, 2018

Week of November 12-16, 2018

Please check the Dance Concert run order that will be posted in the Ballet studio. If there are misspellings or you have a number back to back, let me know. The least you should have will be two numbers before you would need to be on stage. This is only for a few people that are dancing a lot.

This is out last week to “get it all together” before Thanksgiving break. Bring your focus and determination, and let’s do this. When you return from break, it would be great if you could enjoy the show week by getting lots of sleep and rehearsal. Don’t forget to stay in shape over break!!

The rehearsal times of show week were posted last week but in case you missed it: Rehearsal is every day beginning during 5th period and running until 7:30. Make sure your ride is at school at 7:30! This begins on November 26-Nov. 29. The show is Nov. 30 and Dec. 1 at 7:30 so these days are different. Leaving after the show and not at 7:30, with food provided on Friday will be the schedule. Sat. Dec. 1, call is at 3:15 with a warm up at 3:30. Bring dinner, we will give you a break for dinner. We will do a full run before Sat. night’s show and clean what did not go well on Friday night!

Have a great evening!

Ms. D



Week of Nov.5-9, 2018

Week of Nov.5-9, 2018

Happy Sunday! I hope you are enjoying the extra hour.

Tuesday is a Student Holiday!

GHP is Monday! We wish all of the nominees success in their auditions in the first round of the state auditions. Cobb County auditions are first at Pebblebrook, then a state elimination round of submissions online and then finally the State auditions.

OKAY, time to panic! Two weeks left before the concert! Fourth period, I will finish your four dances on Monday as I don’t have you on Tuesday and we lost all of last week!

First: We need to clean and clarify the ending.

Second: We needs lots of cleaning!

Third: We need to FINISH your dance so that next week we can spend cleaning for our last two classes.

First silver and Second silver: We are finishing your dance this week on Wed.

Third silver: we have to push on, if you are lost, get with other students and get the choreography!

Hope to see you at Showcase tonight! The show was really good last night. For those of you in last night’s show, congrats!

Ms. D


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