Week of November 13-17, 2017

Week of November 13-17, 2017


I hope you have had a great Sunday!

Just a reminder that tomorrow everyone will be taking a master class together on the stage. You need to be on the upmost best behavior as this teacher has never been to our school and has flown in to teach YOU! All black attire, like modern or jazz is required and ladies, all hair must be in a bun!

After Monday, we dive right back in to the rehearsals for the concert. This is our last full week to fine tune everything. The better prepared you are now, the more enjoyable the theatre process leading up to the shows on Dec. 1 and Dec. 2. I have been informed that tickets will be available online beginning the week of Thanksgiving Break which is Nov. 20.

When we return from break, we will have rehearsals after school until 7:30 nightly. I have attached the schedule link below. You will see that the schedule is subject to change. There may be changes and if there are, we will let you know. We cannot predict and prevent circumstances that arise so make sure that you are on Remind. Some pieces and classes need more time than others to prepare for the concert. Also, for the nights that you are scheduled to leave at 7:30, make arrangements to have someone pick you up or ride with a friend. We want to get you home as early as possible so that you can get some rest and prepare for the next day!

Dance Concert Rehearsal Fall 2017

Have a great rest of your Sunday!

Ms. D


November 6-10, 2017

November 6-10, 2017

Two weeks and counting! That is, two weeks before Thanksgiving break which is when we have to have your dance ready for the concert. BUT for Gold that I teach, I have two classes left with you for sure! Maybe three, depending on other circumstances.

Tuesday, November 7…you are not at school

Friday, Nov. 10..Gold has Mr. Davis

Monday, Nov. 13..everyone has a masterclass! We will be on the stage in the theatre for 1-3 periods and in the studio for 4-5. This will be a fun, special class. For those of you that went to the Regional High School Dance Festival, many of you had this teacher and her class. You will hear more about this!

DANCE MAJORS: I will repost the updated Dance Bios on Tuesday. You have until this Friday to make any last adjustments for the program!

Monday is GHP! We wish all the GHP audition students success!

Have a great weeks!

Ms. D

Week of Oct. 30-Nov. 3, 2017

Week of Oct. 30-Nov. 3, 2017

Hope you are enjoying this cold Sunday!

Some things to consider for the up coming week…

  1. The Max Chambers Scholarship payment is in effect this week. You can pay $1.00 this week and wear the approved item/s next week in ballet. See the information posted in the studio or on this blog under the pages section.
  2. Dance Majors: be sure to update your Dance Program Bios in the studio, posted on the mirror.
  3.  This Wednesday, our guest teacher is from the University of Michigan. This class is from 4:30-6:30. It is free but you need to sign up prior to the class.
  4. November 7 is a holiday for you! (Next Tuesday). SO with the gold classes that I have, we will be lucky to have 5 classes before our week off for Thanksgiving. I am pushing you to retain the choreography so that we can get closer to completing the dances. The week after Thanksgiving break, we are working in the theatre with spacing, lighting, etc. Help each other out with reviewing choreography. Don’t wait until you get to class. If you don’t know a step or combination, get with someone that does.

Have a great Sunday!

Ms. D

October 23-27, 2017

Week of October 23-27, 2017

I am sending this blog now instead of tomorrow because I will be on the bus to FSU and in Tampa, when I normally send this blog.

Several of us will be on the FSU trip on Monday. (Me included.) If you are getting the blog information, you will know that Monday, while I am away, you will have dance class. I have a guest coming in to teach Jazz for 1-3 periods with Gold. 4th period, you will have Ms. Edwards. This means you should wear all black with hair in a bun. Just remember that just because we have a guest, this is not a time to try to “get away” with things. (Third period Silver girls, you know what I mean.) If this guest teacher has any trouble, the next time you will be given written work and will not get an opportunity to dance.

Friday, I will teach Gold. I know we have a pep rally, but whatever time we do get we will have class.


Have a great Monday and I will see you on Tuesday.

Ms. D

Week of Oct. 16-20, 2017

Week of Oct. 16-20, 2017

Happy Sunday,

This week we will focus on ways to improve turnout. I think we will also have more time in our classes to continue learning and reviewing for the Unit Test, next Wednesday, Oct. 25. During the “extra” time in our classes, we will try to make great strides in our choreography for the dance concert. Continue to review the combinations and new information that you learned last week so that we can add on  to your dance this week. You may think that we have plenty of time before the concert BUT that is not true. We will also need some time to try on the costumes which takes away from the time we are able to work on the dance piece and remember that we are out the entire week of Thanksgiving before we come back and go into our dance concert.

Dates to remember: Unit Test, Oct. 25, Wednesday

November 7, Student Holiday

Thanksgiving Week: November 20-27

Dance Concert: Dec. 1 and 2, 7:30, both nights are required, mandatory warm up on December 2.

Have a great week!

Ms. D

October 9-13, 2017

October 9-13, 2017

Ready for this week?


  1. We have Homeroom on Monday to prepare for the testing on Wednesday.

2. Wednesday is testing day for everyone except for the Seniors. Testing will occur the entire morning from 8:30 until 12:00. When the bell rings at 12:00, go to your third period class, then fourth period, followed by fifth period.

3. Thursday is an early release day. This means you will only attend first and second periods and leave campus at 11:30. NO fifth period.



  1. Great job ComPAny2018 for your performance this past weekend!
  2. Dancewear Order Store is open for one more week, if you need anything for the dance concert. This is your last chance to order!
  3. Because I could not be here last Wednesday due to being sick, we were fortunate to get our modern masterclass rescheduled to this Wednesday, Oct. 11 from 4:30-6:30.
  4. We will start out Max Chambers Scholarship again this year. Payment is this week if you decide to participate and being able to wear your exceptional items will be next week on Monday or Wednesday, only! The information is posted under pages on this blog as well as in the studio. Read the information carefully!
  5. Please review or get with anyone and learn the information from last week. We did start the concert pieces. We don’t have much time to learn these pieces, so we you say, “I wasn’t here”, you are admitting that you have not done your homework and take into strive these situations when you get your grades or are pulled out of a section because you are unprepared.  Be proactive, be responsible, this is your future!

Have a great day!

Ms. D




October 2-6, 2017

Week of October 2-6, 2017

Happy Sunday! I hope your break was refreshing.

We will jump (saute, if I could add an accent on the last e, I would) right back into our curriculum with our terminology, kinesiology and now we add the dance concert! I would like to start teaching your concert pieces this week. For those of you that have been here, it is never too early to start as something always comes up unexpectantly and there is always a rush to the finish!


ComPAny performs this weekend at the Cobb Civic Center, Jennie T. Anderson Theatre

Early release is next Thursday on Oct. 12. This means you will leave school at 11:30.

Dancewear deductions begin in full mode this week. Check Ms. Edward’s blog for the costume requirements for the dance concert. I have also placed the ballet items below.

Ballet Concert Dancewear required items: (Undergarments are required)

All males: black ballet shoes with black jazz pants and black tights. (Have both)

All females: pink ballet shoes with pink tights.


Ms. D

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