Make Up Policy

No extra credit will be allowed.

LATE WORK POLICY: Any late work will receive a highest possible grade of a 70 if turned in after the assignment is due. The student will have until the unit test to turn in late work and will receive a highest possible grade of 70. For each day that an assignment is turned in late, ten points will be deducted. No work will be graded after the Unit Test.

ATTENDANCE AND MAKEUP POLICY: Make-up work is accepted by the end of the second day after the excused absence for which the class is missed. Make-up work must be completed and turned in to the instructor for which the class was missed. If a student observes a class, this does not count as active participation. If a student does not participate, he/she must actively observe class. Example: no library, no homework, going to another class, sleeping, socializing, etc. Check with the instructor of the missed class for options of make-up work. Also, if you are too sick to participate in a Pebblebrook class, you should NOT participate in a class at a private studio. Attendance and participation are required. Students are responsible for class material and work missed due to absences. Students should be aware that an excused absence is still an absence. The excuse merely means that missed work may be made up.



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