September 18-22, 2017

Week of September 18-22, 2017

Happy Sunday! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

As we continue into our new unit, we will discuss the Achilles tendon and hip flexors. (For the gold group that I did not see last week, due to the Hurricane, I will catch you up on the foot and calf information.)

Gold group will have a guest teacher this Friday. The class will be modern.

“Arabian Nights” this weekend at 7:30, Friday -Sunday!

Good luck to those students that are doing their college prescreens! One more step to success.

Ms. D


Sept. 11-15, 2017

Week of Sept. 11-15, 2017

I hope your Sunday is going well! We will begin our new unit this week. The unit will continue with terminology but we will add dance physiology beginning with the foot and the achilles tendon. The information will be provided by Lisa Howell of She is the dance physiologist that I trained with this past summer from Australia.

Reminders for the week:

  1. Silver will have Mr. Green on Friday.
  2. Vocal Concert is Friday at 7:30 in the theatre.
  3. Macy’s auditions are coming up for Juniors and Seniors. (See posted flyers for more information.)
  4. University of Michigan will be at Pebblebrook on Monday, September 25 at 2:00, again check the posted flyer for more information.
  5. The Visual and Performing Arts Fair will be at the Cobb Energy Center at 7:00. Make plans to go! This is where you get information from colleges that will help you decide about your future. You will learn about new programs and opportunities beyond high school!

Have a great rest of your day!

(Stay safe and dry for the next couple of days.)

Ms. D

September 5-8, 2017

Week of September 5-8, 2017

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

I hope you are having a great weekend. I am sending this blog out now because my time will be limited this evening and tomorrow. Dance IV is having their National High School Dance Festival piece choreographed on them during this break! We are delighted that one of our alums, Joshua Carter, will be setting the piece. We hope to be able to present the piece at Point Park University in February if it gets through the judges. Joshua attended the University of Arizona, one of the top 10 Dance College Programs, as a dance major and went into the Giordano Company in Chicago.


  1. Unit Test is this Wednesday, September 6. The group that I have will be going to the computer lab. There are 20 multiple choice questions. After we finish the test, we will return to dance class and dance.

2. The gold group will have Mr. Davis for modern this Friday.

3. Continue to get your dancewear items that you didn’t order. Once those items arrive, all full deductions will occur.

4. Skills grades are entered, but will be changed according to the choices you make in class. These skills are probably the highest you will receive this year because now the challenge is to start applying your corrections, be prepared for class, and demonstrate progress in your classes.

I will keep you posted for other updates as they arise.

Have a great rest of your weekend!

Ms. D

Week of August 28-Sept. 1, 2017

Happy Sunday!

This week we will continue with our terminology and work toward our Unit Test, next Wednesday, Sept. 6! It will be multiple choice and will not take the entire class period, so be prepared to dance.

Juniors will have a meeting during 4th period on Monday when they call you to the theatre.

This Wednesday, we will have early release which means you will leave school at 11:30. The P.A. buses will also leave at this time and there will NOT be 5th period. (For the Silver group that I teach on Wednesday, you will not need your dancewear, but be ready to move in whatever you are wearing!)

Open House will be on Thursday!

Silver group will have Mr. Davis on Friday for modern dance.

Have a great rest of your day!

Ms. D




August 21-25, 2017

Happy Sunday!

This week includes:

Monday’s schedule sequence: 1st, 4th, 3rd, and 2nd period that will go until 4:16. All classes are the same length except for 4th period and remember there is not 5th period! (Second period Gold, we will be dancing and not watching the eclipse. Per the rules, only Science classes will be going outside to watch the eclipse as it relates to their curriculum.)

Tuesday, normal schedule.

Wednesday, Everyone will be taking the Pre-Assessment in dance for the year. This will give you an idea of what you will be learning this year. This test will not count for a grade. Some dancers will be going to the computer lab and others will be testing in the classroom.

Thursday, normal schedule.

Friday, Mr. Green returns and will be teaching Gold.

****I added a new page reference from Dancemagazine that I believe will be very helpful for understanding alignment. If you had me as a teacher last year, you may be very surprised at the information. Was someone in our classes that wrote the article????!!!!

****Just a reminder to be getting all of your dancewear that you did not order like your undergarments, shoes, hair accessories, etc. When the last order arrives, everyone should be dressed properly or points will be deducted from your grade. We don’t know when the last orders will arrive but as soon as they arrive, we will get them to you!

Have a great rest of your day!

Ms. D




August 14-18, 2017

Happy Sunday! I hope you are having a wonderful day.

(Everything that is stated below is subject to change. Make sure you are on Remind. This is how we let you know of any last minute changes. )

Fourth period: You will have jazz tomorrow for 4th period and for 5th you will have pointe for the girls and ballet for the guys, like a normal Monday 5th period. Ms. Edwards and I are switching class periods this week due to the fact that she has a doctor’s appointment on Thursday for fourth and fifth periods. I will have you for ballet class on Tuesday and Thursday this week. 5th periods are all normal except on Thursday, all dance majors will have ballet with me in Studio 2. (Normal ballet studio.)

Yes, lady dance majors, pointe begins tomorrow. Please be ready! I even gave you a an extra week to get ready.

Classes will continue with technique and acquiring meaning behind the definitions of vocabulary.

Freshmen Class Meetings are scheduled for Wednesday, August 16, in the Reece Theatre. Boys are to be called at 8:50 and girls are to be called at 10:10. For all Freshmen, the procedure is to dress out, dance, go the meeting by putting clothes over your dancewear, then when you return, jump back into class. If the meeting is called before you have dressed out, attend the meeting. When you return to class, dress out quickly and join us in class.

Friday schedule: Silver dancers will have Mr. Green and Gold dancers will have Ms. Edwards on Friday. A little background on Mr. Green: He has taught with us for as long as I can remember! (In the 90s). He was a dance teacher at Spellman for over 25 years, director of their dance company, and the director of Spellman’s Cultural Initiatives. He has been a producer and director of many outstanding shows that has included Chita Rivera, Stevie Wonder, Peabo Bryson, etc. to name just a few. Mr. Green has also been the casting director for Walt Disney World. You will love his class!

Have a great week!

Ms. D



Weekly update: 8/7/17

Hello Dancers!

I hope you are feeling a bit more settled in your schedules and are beginning to understand your expectations of all of your classes. As we return to dance class tomorrow, I wanted to provide some helpful information below.

  1. The “School Tardy Policy” is now on my pages for your reference.
  2. Gold group has ballet on Monday and Tuesday, and Modern on Friday.
  3. Silver group has ballet on Wednesday and Thursday and Ms. Edwards on Friday.
  4. PA forms are due by the deadline on Friday.
  5. Cheesecake Kick-Off is Wednesday during 5th period in the Reece Theatre.
  6. Don’t forget that you should have the Ballet Pre-Warm Up written in your journal.


See you tomorrow, Ms. D.

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