September 30, 2014

We were not able to use the Form and Structure elements of choreography today in class because we are still exploring steps and musicality. Don’t forget these two important elements as each week we will learn more elements. Just a reminder that all the information is on the blog with the resources on the pages.

I hope you were able to get your cheesecake today, flowers Monday, attend the college fair last night, and don’t forget that your audition forms for “Tarzan” are due on Friday! Organization is the key!

Have a great evening!
Ms. D


September 29, 2014

Good day! I hope you have a more clearer understanding about the choreography that will begin tomorrow. Remember how to find the pages on the blog so that you can access the website and the rubric for any information that you need.

We went through all the reminders in class, so I will not go through them again. They are posted in the studio.

Have a great time at the College Fair tonight!

Plan your future!!!


September 26, 2014

It is a sad day here at Pebblebrook. For many of you knew Ms. Grant and many of you had the wonderful opportunity to have her as teacher. She was able to help so many students to achieve their dreams. She will be forever remembered and missed at Pebblebrook for she helped shape our program and was an integral part in all of PA and the school.

On the blog, I have added a couple of new pages. “Choreography Resource: Arts Alive” and “Second Unit Resources/Ballet Choreography”. “Choreography Resource” will tell you what we will be working on for the next three weeks and how to access the links. Go ahead and take a look. This week I will do this in class, but afterward, I may need to give this as homework so that we have more time in class to choreograph!


September 25, 2014


Onward to choreography! Now that I have been able to talk to all of you about the dance concert and what your class will be doing, please listen to your music and be very familiar with it. Choreographing the piece will be much easier!

Our ballet barre and Pilates could be a little bit smoother. I know you are excited with all the great activities that we are doing, but try to stay calm so that we can cover a lot of wonderful things.

Have a great night!

Ms. D

September 24, 2014

Some creativity with ballet choreography today. Some of the motif descriptors were used very well in your choreography today. Probably the class that was the most creative was third period. But the most improved class was first period!The other classes did well but were not as agressive in their learning today as those two classes.

We will continue our technique and includ more and more of the work on the dance concert. Bring your ideas if your classs is requiring them. Each class has different activities pertaining to the dance concert.

Have a great evening!
Ms. D

September 23, 2014

Now the choreography begins! Don’t forget that the information about your class dance concert is on the “Pages” section. The music is from itunes.

More reminders: Monday is the Perfoming Arts Fair from 7-9. Be there! There are really no exceptions for you not being there. This fair coverd the entire south eastern region. You are lucky that it is here! If you would like to stay after school, and would like to order a Chick-Fil-A meal, turn in you form by the end of the day on Thursday to
Mr. Timmerman.

Plants will be delivered on Monday as well for those of you that sold them to make money for your account.

This Sat., the costume department is having a sale of some beautiful dresses for prom or maybe for Halloween. See my board in Dance Studio 2 for printed information.

Have a great night,
Ms. D

September 22, 2014

Welcome back!! Today went pretty well. I realize that some of you did not participate in any physical activity over the break. Take it easy and pace yourself. The body heals when you are asleep so you might need to get more rest than usual. Also, keep that water coming into your body. This will help flush out the toxins in your body that are making you sore.

As we discussed today, we are into our new unit: choreography. We did a little bit of exploring and will build on this knowledge of today.

Have a great night and go see ComPAny at the Fair tonight if you get a chance.

Ms. D

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