DanceMax Coupon

It was great to see so many of you on Thursday. Those of you that I did see were able to take advantage of the DanceMax Coupon. I am sorry we ran out, but good news! If you look under my pages, you will find the coupon. Print the coupon and take it to the store. They said they would honor it!

Welcome to CCCEPA DANCE!

Welcome back “old” dancers and welcome “new” dancers. I am very excited for this year to get started as I have been working very hard all summer in making wonderful plans and opportunities for you in ballet this year. For those of you that are new, please take a look at the Dance Handbook and Procedures under the “Pages” section. This provides information about your clothing requirements for dance. If you want to purchase your items before school starts next Monday, and you are not sure if the item will work, keep your receipt and leave the tags on the item in case you need to return the item. We will not be dancing until Wednesday! We will be covering all of the handbook and procedures thoroughly on Monday and Tuesday. If you don’t have your dance attire by Wed., don’t stress out about it. Make sure you have sweat pants, or some type of clothing you feel comfortable in and can move in. We will talk more about this on Monday and Tuesday.

Many of you, I will see tomorrow, Thursday when you pick up your schedule. If I don’t see you, have a great weekend and I will see you on Monday…

Ms. Denise

June 2014 New BLOG!

As you are enjoying your summer vacation, I am busy trying to make plans for a wonderful new year for you. My first challenge was to get this new blog set up for you to enjoy throughout the year. I hope to be able to use it in many different ways than I have in the past. Check back often. It has many new features that the other blog did not have!

Summer on! Ms. Denise

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