August 21, 2014


Very good classes today. Just a reminder that you received your Ballet Body Positions back today. Don’t loose them! Study them! You will need this information for as long as you are in the performing arts. (We will also be testing on these. The blog still has the girl demonstrating each movement with the correct spelling.)

Remember to check the page about your clothing adjustments..all girls must wear a bra with every leotard. There is no exception.

Have a great night,

Ms. D


August 20, 2014

Dancers –

Please read the following statement about dress code very carefully.

The following leotards are acceptable – tank, cap sleeve/short sleeve, 3/4 or long sleeve. If the leotard is one of these designs and has a low back it may be worn in class.

But all Female dancers are required to wear one of the following under their leotard – black sports bra, nude dance bra, or nude camisole leotard – every day, regardless of leotard style. (Flexis are not practical for class and we understand that). If the black sports bra is visible that is acceptable. Nude dance bras and camisole leotards are usually cut to be covered by most leotards so they are less likely to show when worn under a leotard.

The following are unacceptable – halter leotards, camisole (spaghetti strap) leotards, leotards with any side cut-outs.

August 20, 2014

Blog, blog, blog…don’t forget to check the blog. One of the best ways to stay updated is to get the app from wordpress. It is free and is rated 4 1/2 stars. This app will let you know when you get a blog so you don’t have to wonder if you need to check the blog for homework and important assignments. The vocabulary list that was assigned over the weekend, was a “test” so that I could help you all understand how important that it will be to check out the blog. Many assignments will be given on the blog, and reviewed the next day, so we will have more time to dance.

Have a great night, get the app!
Ms. D

August 19, 2014

I hope you all had a great day. I returned the Ballet Body Positions sheet. If you were absent, please see me to get yours. You will be held accountable for this. A quiz is coming! I will announce it but I highly recommend studying now for it. You will soon learn that procrastination absolutely does not work in school or in life.

Have a great evening and stay dry!
Ms. D

P.S>>> Yellow group, did you do your vocabulary from the weekend? I advise doing it before tomorrow.

August 18, 2014

We started using the blog today with our vocabulary list that came out on Sat. I was impressed that so many of you did your homework. Great! If you did not do it, get in the game! (dance)! There will be many different things that will help with you with the blog. I may also have take home quizzes, etc. Ask around and get the app that will tell you when I send out a post from the blog so that you will get my notifications…great idea.

Have a great night!
Ms. D

August 16, 2014

Good morning, (The website for the video I was showing you was: then under the search area put: Mariinsky Ballet class.)
I hope you had a great week. I think things will start to settle down a bit now. I wanted to go ahead and give you your vocabulary words for the upcoming week. You need to make sure that you can spell them correctly and know what they mean. This blog has many resources to see how the movement occurs and how to spell the words with the correct accent marks.
rond de jambe
grand battement
port de bras

Have a great weekend!
Ms. D

August 13, 2014

Now that your pre-assessment is complete, I hope you have a more complete understanding about all the different aspects that you will be learning this year in both of your dance classes. The next time you have the test, it will be easier because you should be able to recall the answers that you have learned.

Thursday: Ballet! The group that I had today is the same group that I will have tomorrow.
Have a great evening!
Ms. D

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