August 28, 2014

I hope to see many of you at Open House tonight at 6:30. So many of you and your parents I have met and have answered your questions through phone calls and the internet, but I am always available to talk.

Congrats first and second periods today! What awesome classes. You have shown me what you are made of and it is great! Please keep it up…you will be proud of your successes at the end of the year and for your future!

Have a great night!
Ms. D


August 27, 2014

How was your day? First period yellow and second period yellow needs to buckle down. There are many of you that are working hard and several of you are going to be left in the dust. Those of you that are being left in the dust are completely capable but you are not doing your part to keep up with the class. After checking some of your journals and asking you questions today, I hope you know who you are. What are some things you can do to keep up with the class? Pack your clothes the night before like the rest of us so you will be prepared for class. Take a few seconds to review your notes and corrections from the last class, and review combinations. As we start to conclude our first six weeks, realize that that you have less than two more six weeks before you are on stage. What do you want your dance to look like? A beginner dancer that takes dance one day a week or a dancer that dances 5 days a week!??

Come to class ready to dance tomorrow!

Ms. D

August 26, 2014


How are those body positions coming along? Do you know how to spell them and know their definitions? I told you yesterday about the end of unit test that you will have Thursday, Sept. 11. This will count as a grade. This unit test will cover your ballet body positions, the vocabulary (11 words), and the muslces that we have been discussng in class as we are taking class.

I am still finding good work in all the classes. Notice that each class gets more challenging. It is up to you to remember your corrections and to continue to apply them. Just because I don’t mention them does not mean that you should not continue to work on them. I am moving on to other beneficial corrections. Most times, it takes months to correct a habit in the body. Be patient but give the correction some dedicated time.

Break a leg in the auditions today!
Ms. D

August 25, 2014

Welcome to Ballet Body Position world! All of ballet and dance is based on how you present your body to the audience. In ballet, these are called Ballet Body posiitons. These are a requirement! There is no getting around these…there are many ways to understand them, but you must memorize them. They will be used FOREVER. You will be behind if you don’t memorize these.

We only have two weeks left before the end of this six weeks. We always have an end of unit test, so you should expect to have one next week. The date will be Thursday, September 11.

A reminder for ladies: you are required to wear a bra with every leotard. No exceptions.

Ms. D

August 22, 2014

So many of you have now felt your turnout! This is great! Can you use those muscles in class now? For many of you, this is the first time that you have felt those muscles. I took a photo so at the end of the year, when I take your photo again, hopefully, you will need a smaller ball because your turnout will be better and the knees can get closer to the wall with the back flat.

During the week of September 1-5, you will have a vocabulary test. We will continue using the words in class, spelling them and clearing up any questions that you have about the words. Everyone can get an “A”! Start now reviewing the words you are being challenged with.

More about body positions next week. Bring your review sheet that I returned this week.

Have a great weekend!
Ms. D

August 21, 2014


Very good classes today. Just a reminder that you received your Ballet Body Positions back today. Don’t loose them! Study them! You will need this information for as long as you are in the performing arts. (We will also be testing on these. The blog still has the girl demonstrating each movement with the correct spelling.)

Remember to check the page about your clothing adjustments..all girls must wear a bra with every leotard. There is no exception.

Have a great night,

Ms. D

August 20, 2014

Dancers –

Please read the following statement about dress code very carefully.

The following leotards are acceptable – tank, cap sleeve/short sleeve, 3/4 or long sleeve. If the leotard is one of these designs and has a low back it may be worn in class.

But all Female dancers are required to wear one of the following under their leotard – black sports bra, nude dance bra, or nude camisole leotard – every day, regardless of leotard style. (Flexis are not practical for class and we understand that). If the black sports bra is visible that is acceptable. Nude dance bras and camisole leotards are usually cut to be covered by most leotards so they are less likely to show when worn under a leotard.

The following are unacceptable – halter leotards, camisole (spaghetti strap) leotards, leotards with any side cut-outs.

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